Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Archbishop Duncan responds to gay blessing authorization from rival "bishop"

In addition to his duties as Archbishop and Primate of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), the Most Reverend Robert W. Duncan serves as Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh. He has held that office for quite some time, long before the diocese's disaffiliation from the Church of What's Happening Now and its subsequent affiliation with ACNA. As was the case in every instance where a diocese disaffiliated from the apostate national body, Madam Oven Mitt established a rogue diocese in Pittsburgh under a fauxilliary bishop, claiming that ++Duncan had relinquished his office and ordination (which he had not).

With the Church of What's Happening Now having fully embraced a godless agenda of sexual licentiousness, it should come as no surprise that the fauxilliary "Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh" has issued a "pastoral letter" authorizing the blessing of same sex "marriage" and the ordination of clergy involved in same sex relationships.

In issuing a response, Archbishop Duncan is characteristically gracious and measured, but firm in his commitment to continue a truly counter-cultural, Christ-centered ministry.
The announcement made by Bishop Dorsey McConnell of the Episcopal Diocese will cheer some, but make many Christians in our region (and around the globe) sad. Scripture and Tradition present counter-cultural models for the ordering of society in marriage and family (as in everything) through sacrifice, chastity and self-denial. There was a day -- not so long ago -- when the Christian leaders of our City spoke with one voice, but that day of united witness is past. We continue to pray for Bp. McConnell and the clergy and people of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh, as well as for all those living with same-sex attractions, recognizing that there is a fundamental divergence on the moral and pastoral responses we in the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh are called to offer.