Friday, September 20, 2013

More good news: Fort Worth federal lawsuits dismissed

Madam Oven Mitt and her fauxilliary bishops of the Church of What's Happening Now are rapidly running out of options.
Two suits brought against Bishop Iker in 2010 have been dismissed from federal court following the ruling issued Aug. 30 by the state Supreme Court.

The first suit, filed Sept. 21, 2010, was in the form of a complaint. In it, Episcopal Church parties alleged that Bishop Iker improperly continued to use the insignia (shield and name) of the Diocese after our Diocesan Convention voted in 2008 to dissociate from The Episcopal Church.

The second suit, brought by All Saints’ Episcopal Church on Crestline Road in Fort Worth, complained that Bishop Iker allowed members of the Diocese to form a congregation called “All Saints’.” It was filed in October 2010.

The Hon. Terry R. Means “administratively closed” the cases today, noting that they “may be reopened, without prejudice, upon the motion of either party, upon the resolution of the related state-court proceeding” [that is, the suit remanded to the 141st District Court].
In other news, the Church of What's Happening Now has announced the following classic will be included in its new hymnal.