Friday, August 1, 2014

Haley analyzes the South Carolina trial

A.S. Haley offers an insightful post-mortem on the South Carolina trial, including this observation about the contrast between the two camps, similar to what I had noted shortly after the trial ended last week.
First, the trial was a clash of diametrically opposed camps. Bishop Lawrence, his parishes and his Diocese were focused on going forward with their evangelical mission; the lawsuit was a drag on their ability to do so. Bishop vonRosenberg and his Episcopal Church (USA) were obsessed with looking back – to what they viewed as a hierarchical structure from the outset; to the prerogatives of national power that are concomitant to such a structure; and especially to the power wielded collectively by the House of Bishops, and by the Presiding Bishop in their absence.
Read the whole analysis here.

Read the official press summary from the Diocese of South Carolina here.