Thursday, July 17, 2014

Spin and projection: The alternate universe of TECSC

After yesterday's courtroom disaster, the propagandists for The Empty Church in South Carolina (TECSC) apparently had to pull an all nighter to come up with a press release that portrayed their side in a positive light. For the sake of keeping your blood pressure low, I would only recommend reading it with A.S. Haley's accompanying commentary. Ultimately, the spinmeisters had to fall back on the tried and true tactic of making themselves look good by making their opponents look bad. The result was this gem of journalistic eloquence:
As cross-examination began, plaintiff’s attorney Henrietta Golding stood up and immediately began shouting at the professor seated in the witness chair, jabbing her finger in the air: “I think you need to tell the court where you go to church! …Or is this something you want to hide?” Counsel for the defense objected; Judge Goodstein did not intervene. “I don’t think she’s being impolite,” the judge said.
While I wasn't present in the courtroom, I think it safe to assume, based on Judge Goodstein's response, that the exchange between counsel and witness was nowhere near as belligerent as described in the press release. Hectoring, name-calling, and bullying are hallmarks of the national church and its local subsidiary. Projecting such behavior onto the attorneys representing the real Diocese of South Carolina is hardly surprising. It is very much in character for the minions of TECSC who, like their national counterparts, must continue to craft false narratives to sustain life in their alternate universe.