Saturday, June 14, 2014

St. Andrew's Fort Worth: An appeal for the Venables

From the parish newsletter, St. Andrew's Forth Worth:
A dear friend of this parish and diocese is Archbishop Gregory Venables of Argentina. He was our honored preacher at our centennial service and he was the one that helped the Diocese of Fort Worth find a temporary jurisdictional home in the Southern Cone at the onset of our legal/canonical adventure. We are much in his debt.

Sadly, the Archbishop and his wife, Sylvia, were brutally beaten and robbed at their home last week. One friend of the Venables stated this:

About a week ago Bishop Greg Venables and his wife Sylvia returned home to Olivos in the Buenos Aires only to find a robbery in progress in their home. The thieves threw Sylvia to the floor and bound and terribly beat Greg. They then proceeded to steal everything of value from their home.

The thieves took a MacBook Pro that we had gotten for Greg as well as an unlocked iPhone. All of their electronics were stolen along with all of Sylvia’s jewelry and even Greg’s pectoral crosses. No insurance is available.

To add insult to injury, the Diocese of Argentina bank account in the UK was closed. The bank said it was because there was no answer to mail that they had sent. Of course, all the mail had been answered. Several thousand dollars is being held by the English bank and won’t be recoverable until he can go there in person. In short, they have lost everything except the roof over their heads.

Certainly we as a parish need to be praying for the Venables. But we would also like to offer tangible, material support. Please consider contributing to St. Andrew’s Mercy Fund for the Venables. Our vestry members have already committed to supporting this effort and hope that all in our church family who are able will join them in supporting and lifting up these members of our extended Church family.

We would like to replace the laptop and the iPhone and raise some serious cash on their behalf to assist with many of the items that were lost in this violent attack.

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