Thursday, February 20, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Bishop Iker resigns from Nashotah House

The farcical eleventh hour attempt to legitimize the legacy of Katharine Jefferts Schori continues. This time, it is the ostensibly orthodox Nashotah House extending her an invitation to speak in its chapel. It is an inexplicably short sighted move on the part of the seminary's administration, prompting an immediate response from Fort Worth Bishop Jack Iker.
BISHOP IKER HAS RESIGNED AS A TRUSTEE on the Nashotah House Board, where he has served for the past 21 years. This action was taken in protest of the Dean's invitation to the Presiding Bishop of TEC to be a guest preacher in the seminary's chapel. Citing the lawsuits initiated by her against this Diocese, Bishop Iker notified the Board that he "could not be associated with an institution that honors her." Similarly, Bishop Wantland has sent notification that he "will not take part in any functions at Nashotah" nor continue "to give financial support to the House as long as the present administration remains." He is an honorary member of the Board (without vote) and a life member of the Alumni Association.
More information as it becomes available, but kudos to Bishops Iker and Wantland for their principled stand.