Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Roe at 41: A lie by any other name is still a lie

Euphemisms and shibboleths are rhetorical devices employed by persons who wish to create their own reality rather than accept reality as created. They are words and phrases which paint a false picture of a false world built upon one lie after another.

Over the last 41 years, the radical abortion culture unleashed by Roe v. Wade has become quite adept at churning out both euphemisms ("pro-choice," "right to choose," "reproductive freedom") and shibboleths ("anti-choice," "war on women"), all crafted to create an alternate reality in which good is evil and evil is good. As thousands were turning out in Washington for today's March for Life, the abortion culture was reaching a new low in its self-delusion through the words of the nation's chief executive.

Matthew Schmitz dissects President Obama's brief statement on the 41st anniversary of Roe, eviscerating its numerous euphemisms, evasions, and outright lies.
1. “We” — The statement begins by saying “as we reflect” on Roe “we recommit ourselves to the decision’s guiding principle.” But who is this we? Obama issues his statement in his official capacity as head of state, but America is sorely divided. By a generous measure, only 53 percent of Americans support Roe. When Obama pledges his rhetorical “we” to the principle of Roe, he elides one half of the nation he leads.

2. “Her body” — The President says that “every woman should be able to make her own choices about her body and her health.” This statement would certainly be true (given a few broad caveats) if he did not mean by it that one person should be able to dismantle the body and destroy the health of another.

3. “Safe, affordable health care” — For abortion to be safe, it would have to not be directed at the death of a child; for it to be affordable, it would have to not come at the cost of a life; for it to be health care, it would have to not violate the Hippocratic oath. This may be one lie or three—it’s hard to keep count.

4. “Right to privacy” — There can be no right to the taking of an innocent life. Nor can there be anything private about it for a society that believes securing rights to be a matter of the public good.

5. “Reproductive freedom” — There is no debate over the freedom of reproduction, only over the freedom of destruction.

6. “Unintended pregnancy” — What is meant here, of course, is an unintended child. But in any case, the idea that life is legitimate only when it is the product of our intentions—that everything should be perfectly “planned”—is at once impossible and perverse, a sociological error reflecting a theological mistake.

7. “Child health” — President Obama’s purported support for child health runs counter to his continuing, unrepented opposition to laws banning infanticide—an opposition that distinguishes him not only from abortion opponents but from most abortion supporters as well.

8. “This is a country where everyone deserves the same freedom and opportunities to fulfill their dreams.” — This is indeed such a country, as is every other. Why then, Mr. President, do you continue to stand in the way of the very weakest realizing the equal freedom you so blithely invoke?
Number 8 is particularly egregious in that it is dripping with bloody irony and sickening hypocrisy (not that the whole statement isn't sickening enough in itself). As long as abortion is upheld as a "fundamental right," the weakest among us will be denied the most fundamental right of all -- and no amount of evasion, obfuscation, or rhetorical gymnastics will ever hide the still festering wound upon the conscience of our nation. A lie by any other name is still a lie; and murder by any other name is still murder.

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