Thursday, September 5, 2013

"Syrian freedom fighters" invade Christian village

Thanks to Cranmer for this report. Remember, these "freedom fighters" are the ones Barack Obama (D), John McCain (R), et al. would have us support.
It has been tweeted out, but is grossly under-reported. As Presidents Obama and Hollande prepare to bomb the evil President Assad to kingdom come, those righteous Al-Qaeda freedom fighters have slaughtered a garrison of the regime's soldiers and were then somehow forced to invade the predominantly Christian village of Maloula. The report is patchy, but German intelligence doesn't seem to be able to intercept nuns' telephone conversations.

We know that the assault on Maloula was carried out by rebels from the Al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra group. Apparently one of their number blew himself up at a regime checkpoint at the entrance to the village. This suicide attack was followed by fighting between the 'rebels' and Assad's forces.

The information has come from a nun in the village. The 'rebels' have now seized the checkpoint, disabled two tanks and an armoured personnel carrier, and killed eight regime soldiers. She tells us they have taken over the Safir hotel on top of the mountain overlooking the village, and are firing shells from there. Assad's military is trying to repel the invasion. "It's a war," she said. "It has been going from 6am in the morning."

Some 80 people from the village have taken refuge in the convent, which houses 13 nuns and 27 orphans. Maloula, a mountain village some 60 kilometres northeast of Damascus, is home to about 2,000 residents, some of whom still speak a version of Aramaic, the ancient language which would have been spoken by Jesus.

Under the protection of the mystical Shi'a-Alawites, Syria's ethnic and religious minorities have been relatively free to live and worship. This will not be the case under the Sunni-Wahhabis. We know that Assad has stockpiles of chemical weapons. He may have used them, but it is by no means certain that he has. What is certain is that the 'rebels' which the US and France are about to assist are itching to get their righteous hands upon them. Syria's nuns do not want to be bombed: a group have written:

The Pope has spoken up, patriarchs and bishops have spoken up, numberless witnesses have spoken up, analysts and people of experience have spoken up, even the opponents of the regime have spoken up…. Yet here we all are, waiting for just one word from the great Obama? And if it weren’t him, it would be someone else. It isn’t he who is “the great one,” it is the Evil One who these days is really acting up.

If the US and France assist Syria's 'rebels', Maloula's nuns and all those who shelter in its convent will eventually be gassed to death in Al-Qaeda's final solution. Their equation for salvation is simple: Christians + Sarin = Allahu Akbar.
Pray for our brothers and sisters in Syria.