Wednesday, August 14, 2013

NRLC sacrifices principle for political expediency

This makes no sense whatsoever. The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), the nation's oldest and largest pro-life organization, has severed ties with its affiliate in Cleveland, Ohio. What happened? Did a few rogue zealots bomb a Cleveland abortion clinic? Hardly. The mortal sin committed by Cleveland Right to Life (CRTL) was, horror of horrors, adding "support for traditional marriage and the family to its Mission Statement."
So as to foster a culture of life we promote and defend the right to life of all innocent human beings and reject such practices as abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, and same-sex marriage that are contrary to 'the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God.'
To make matters worse, the CRTL made statements critical of Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), who recently came out in support of same sex "marriage." Hence, a letter of disaffiliation from the NRLC:
Recently, Cleveland Right to Life announced that it has embraced an advocacy agenda that includes issues beyond the right to life. Moreover, it promptly issued public criticisms of and implicit political threats against a U.S. Senator who has supported the right-to-life position on every vote that has come before the Senate, and who is a sponsor of major NRLC-backed bills—because the chapter disagrees with his position on a non-right-to-life issue. By these actions, Cleveland Right to Life has violated National Right to Life policy, causing the chapter to disaffiliate itself from NRLC.
In defending the decision to disaffiliate, NRLC president Carol Tobias said, "The success the right-to-life movement has experienced over the past 40 years has depended on maintaining our single-issue focus on life."

This is sheer madness on the part of NRLC. Only someone with their head in the sand would fail to see the vital connection between support for the sanctity of human life and the sanctity of marriage and the family. To call Sen. Portman's support for same sex "marriage" a "non-right-to-life issue" is myopic at best, disingenuous at worst.

The devaluing of human life in American culture goes hand in hand with the trivialization of marriage and the disintegration of the family. CRTL's amended Mission Statement reflects this reality and is very much in keeping with what ought to be the overall goal of all pro-life organizations, namely, to promote a holistic, full-orbed culture of life.

Waffling politicians like Sen. Portman cannot have it both ways. They must be held accountable for any position they take which is contrary to a consistent ethic of promoting the sanctity of life. The NRLC, in disassociating with its Cleveland affiliate, is sacrificing principle for political expediency. That is not the way to foster a culture of life.