Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Archbishop Duncan's statement on Supreme Court "marriage" decisions

Statement by Archbishop Robert Duncan of the Anglican Chirch of North America on the Supreme Court's 26 June 2013 marriage decisions.

An extremely divided court reflects an extremely divided nation. Equal rights under the law is a bedrock commitment of the United States of America and can often be accomplished by creative legislation. Nevertheless, the definition of marriage long pre-dates the United States and is a given of the created order. The motto of the United States is “One Nation under God.” The Christian Church has followed a Lord who meets people where they are, and who loves them regardless of their challenges. The Church has countered the culture throughout most of its history. We find ourselves, both sadly and increasingly, in this position in a nation once seen as a “light upon a hill,” and a “hope of all the earth.”

H/T Anglican Ink