Monday, December 3, 2012

Dirty old man engaged -- again

Oh, isn't this lovely? Hugh Hefner, the quintessential dirty old man, is engaged --again-- to a woman young enough to be his great granddaughter.
Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris are reportedly headed down the aisle once again — though technically they'd be hitting it for the first time, after she pulled the runaway-bride thing on him five days before their planned wedding in June 2011.

The 86-year-old and the 26-year-old are allegedly engaged again and aiming to say their vows on New Year's Eve, sources told TMZ over the weekend. Apparently time apart from Hef taught Harris to be more independent, something she thought she needed, the sources said.

The ceremony is supposed to be a small one, with close friends and family only. That's in contrast to the 300-person extravaganza that was planned last time around.
Tim Fountain reminds us that our society's downhill moral slide did not begin when a bunch of homosexuals started demanding their "rights." It began when unapologetically heterosexual smut peddlers like Hugh Hefner were allowed to become respectable.