Sunday, November 25, 2012

+Anis requests prayer for Egypt

Prayer Request from Egypt

24 November 2012

Dear friends,

I am so grateful for the messages and assurance of prayers which I have recently received. The situation is not easy, and no-one can predict what is going to happen.

There is obviously agitation within Egypt after President Mursi produced a Constitutional Declaration on Thursday the 22nd of November. This declaration removed the Chief Prosecutor, who was appointed by Mubarak, without consulting the Supreme Judicial Council. Also, the declaration gave absolute power to the President’s decisions. It states that his decisions are "final and unchallengeable by any individual or body until a new constitution has been ratified and a new parliament has been elected.” The Supreme Judi-cial Council described the declaration as "an unprecedented attack on the independence of the judiciary and its rulings.”

People gathered yesterday (Friday) at Tahrir Square and other places and cities in protest. They called it the ‘Friday of Anger.’ At the same time, Islamists surrounded the Presidential Palace in support of the President. Some clashes happened between the two groups. It is sad to see this division between the Egyptian people. There are people who continue to demonstrate and a major demonstration is planned for Tuesday.

A few days ago, the churches in Egypt alongside some liberal parties, withdrew their representatives in the committee responsible for writing the new constitution. This was an act of protest, because the majority of the committee are Islamists who want to impose their own views in the constitution. As we dream for real democracy, it was my hope, with many other Egyptians, to have a constitution that is inclusive of all Egyptians. It is very sad because it is now almost two years since the start of the revolution, and we are still longing for stability, democracy, and the opportu-nity to rebuild Egypt.

Do pray for Egypt.

May the Lord bless you!
+ Mouneer

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