Monday, May 21, 2012

You can't make this stuff up. . .

. . . and in this case, you wouldn't want to.
COVINGTON, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) — A former high-ranking CNN executive is accused of leaving dog feces in his neighbor’s mailbox.

Covington police say the victims of the incident, Benjamin Dameron and Ralph Miller, have video of Bob Furnad walking with his dog up to the mailbox and placing a bag filled with the feces in their mailbox.

“Mr. Furnad stated that he did place a bag containing dog feces in the victim’s mail box,” Covington Police Capt. Ken Malcom told WGCL-TV.

Furnad told the Covington News that he pulled the prank due to a long-standing feud with the two.

“This was an immature act in response to years of malicious rumor mongering that I consider defamation of character,” Furnad told the paper.

Dameron says he and Miller were getting ready for a wedding at Worthington Manor when they found the package.

“We were working, getting ready for a wedding and we were out on the driveway,” Dameron told WGCL. “We thought, well, we’re this close, we’ll check the mail box to see if the mail’s come.”

Furnad faces a $180 fine.

Furnad was previously an executive vice president and senior executive producer at CNN from 1984-1997 before becoming president of CNN Headline News where he held that position until 2001, according to his LinkedIn page. He also taught at the University of Georgia.