Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Continuing Indaba" blah, blah, blah

The continuing effort to avoid addressing the real doctrinal, theological, and moral issues facing the Anglican Communion is supposedly bearing fruit.

An initiative to enable mission by strengthening relationship between parishes, dioceses and Provinces has been celebrated by participants and evaluators as “an important tool” and “wonderful gift” for the Anglican Communion. 
Continuing Indaba, an official ministry of the Communion, has, for three years, been promoting cross-Provincial/diocesan dialogue, visits and the production of theological resources aimed at supporting the process of enabling “conversation across difference”. 
A recently published progress report Continuing Indaba – Celebrating A Journey revealed that those involved considered Indaba to be “an important tool for moving forward together as a 21st century Anglican Communion”. 
The report states: “The fruit of Indaba is becoming evident. The consistent testimony of those participating points to a deeper understanding of the unity of the church resulting in common participation in the Mission of God. They are already communicating the potential for Indaba in their own diocese, in their relationships with other Anglicans around the world and for the Communion as a whole. 
“Participants do not report that they are now more ‘liberal’ or more ‘conservative’. They are reporting that are being challenged to be more Christ-like, to get on with mission and to discover more of the wonders of being a follower of Christ on a journey with others.”

Translation: We're still talking, and the more we talk, the less we remember what it was we were talking about. Blah, blah, blah.