Friday, April 6, 2012

This is so bad in so many ways

From time to time, some liberal "journalist," blinded by an emotional attachment to an ethereal ideology of egalitarian utopianism, comes out with a piece so stupefyingly insulting to the intelligence of the average third grader that a substantive rebuttal is unnecessary. A case in point is this stream of consciousness post by Brent Budowsky on The Hill's Pundits Blog. Lay aside, for the moment, your political biases and persuasions and try to read this drivel objectively without coming away with the impression that Mr. Budowsky is a self-loathing misandrist.
In my latest column, Supreme Court on trial, I initiated a new discussion about how five conservative men on the Supreme Court have joined partisan Republicans in the war against laws and programs that serve women. In June we will remember the anniversary of the infamous 5-4 Supreme Court decision discrimination defeating women opposing against Wal-mart, when the five men joined fellow Republicans against efforts to win pay equity for women and end discrimination against women. It will not help Republicans to put South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who is highly unpopular at home, on the presidential ticket with “war against women” politicians such as Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, John Boehner and Ron Paul.

Actions have consequences. Policies have impact. Court rulings have results. The Supreme Court conservatives have joined and at times led the war against women on a range of issues, especially in decisions that hurt women and support those who discriminate against women in hiring, promotion and pay. The Wal-mart decision was a disgrace. Republican opposition to equal pay for women is a disgrace. The vulture capitalism of Mitt Romney is a disgrace. The Ayn Rand-like reactionary budgeting of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan (R) is a dagger in the hearts of programs that serve women. The Austrian economics of Ron Paul is from the wrong century and the wrong continent, and profoundly hurts women.

If the Supreme Court throws out the healthcare law as unconstitutional it will foment a powerful political backlash and escalate the judicial front in the war against women.

The Supreme Court is indeed on trial with the American people and the high court of history.

The five men on the Supreme Court who promote these wars against women decisions and join with war against women Republicans should step back, uphold the law and begin acting with judicial impartiality. They should stop acting like partisan Republicans and extreme ideologues with an agenda that dishonors the law, and does grave damage and injustice to the women of America.
For what it's worth, Mr. Budowsky's "latest column," which he hawks at the beginning of the article, is even worse. Oh, and in case you're wondering, I can't figure out what "decision discrimination defeating women opposing against Wal-mart" means, either.

UPDATE: Twitchy has a roundup of some of the more hilarious micro-critiques of Budowsky dotting the Twitter landscape.