Saturday, March 31, 2012

ICYMI: +Nazir-Ali says Jerusalem Statement now "the only game in town"

Unlike Steve Wood, I don't have the excuse of having been out of the country for two weeks, but I also missed this rather significant comment from Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali.
Bishop Michael Nazir Ali said that "I am disappointed that the Anglican Communion Covenant, even in its watered down version,has failed to gain the support of the Church of England. This now means that the Jerusalem Statement (2008) is now 'The only game in town.'"
The Anglican Covenant is not a topic I spend much time on here. It has been irrelevant almost from its inception and the Mother Church's rejection of it pretty well seals its fate. I agree with Wood's assessment.
Personally, I am quite pleased that the Covenant has failed. I hope, now, that it fails globally. Why? Because as +Nazir Ali notes, the Covenant is a weak, watered down, document – a minimalist and sad attempt to find some common framework to preserve a crumbling Communion. Global rejection of the Covenant may just open the door for the robust and clear Jerusalem Statement (2008) to take center stage as the doctrinal/confessional center of Anglicanism. Secondly, failure of the liberal western Anglican leadership (specifically, the Archbishop of Canterbury who bet the farm on the Covenant’s passage) signaled by the rejection of the Covenant may allow for the emergence of GAFCON/FCA as the organizational center of Anglicanism.