Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Curt Jester: "I am a devout Democrat"

The Curt Jester has a little bit of fun at Nancy Pelosi's expense.
For now on I want other people and the media to refer to me as a “Devout Democrat.” I grew up in a Democratic family with devotion to all Democrat candidates and worked canvasing neighborhoods for various Democratic candidates. Everybody I knew was a Democrat with Democrat party pieties. When I turned eighteen I happily voted for Jimmy Carter. There was much that resonated with me concerning the Democratic Party.

I am still a devout Democrat and honor my political faith and love it … but they have this anti-conscience thing. I just don’t follow anything the Democratic Party teaches and am totally opposed to almost all of their hierarchical leadership. I just have a nostalgic fondness and attachment for my cultural Democratism. Regardless I still consider myself a devout Democrat – the faith of my youth. Some might be judgmental and call me a cafeteria Democrat.

Besides if Nancy Pelosi can be a “devout” Catholic, I can be a “devout” Democrat.