Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More prayerful thoughts from Wilhelm Loehe

Be Thou praised, O Lord, my God, for the unfathomable goodness which Thou deignest to bestow upon us with the beautiful summer time, wherein Thou coverest the earth so richly and abundantly with the delightful fruits which Thy hand has prepared. Most heartily I beseech Thee, cause me to use the time, in conscience, unto Thy glory and the furthering of my fellowman. Bless our land with fatherly gifts, and mercifully preserve us from destructive rains, from thunder, lightning, hail and storms. Above all, cause my heart to be conscious of all these Thy gracious benefits, to realize the penetrating thunders of Thy law as well as the graciously gentle rains of the holy Gospel.

Renew and refresh my soul mightily with Thy comfort under the heat and burden of the cross; and let the contemplation of the passing grandeur of earth and these physical blessings serve me unto a recognition of the everlasting glory and blessed joys which eye has not seen, ear has not heard, and the heart of man has not imagined, the things which Thou hast prepared for them that love Thee. Finally, perfect Thou me, that in the day of the harvest of heavenly joys, and the bringing in of the sheaves into Thy glory, I may evermore truly praise and magnify Thee, my Heavenly Father, together with Thy dear Son and the blessed Comforter, the Holy Ghost. Amen.