Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hawaii, Wisconsin, and Southwark: Bad day for "gay rights"

The "same sex marriage" movement has suffered a double whammy over the last twenty-four hours. Yesterday, in Hawaii:
HONOLULU — Hawaii's governor on Tuesday vetoed legislation that would have permitted same-sex civil unions, ending weeks of speculation on how she would weigh in on the contentious, emotional debate.

Republican Gov. Linda Lingle's action came on the final day she had to either sign or veto the bill, which the Hawaii Legislature had approved in late April.

"There has not been a bill I have contemplated more or an issue I have thought more deeply about during my eight years as governor than House Bill 444 and the institution of marriage," Lingle said at a news conference. "I have been open and consistent in my opposition to same-sex marriage, and find that House Bill 444 is essentially same sex marriage by another name."

Today, in Wisconsin:
In 2006 nearly 60% of Wisconsin voters approved a constitutional amendment banning gay "marriage" and civil unions. A voter opposed to the amendment filed a lawsuit arguing the referendum asked two questions that could have had different results if asked separately. The Wisconsin Supreme Court in a unanimous decision rejected the argument and upheld the amendment.
Compound this with the news from across the pond that "openly gay" cleric Jeffrey John will not be the next Bishop of Southwark and this turns out to be a really bad day for "gay rights." I'm not laughing. I'm just relieved.