Monday, July 19, 2010

Additional call for prayer in Uganda

As a result of the recent suicide bombing in Kampala, Uganda, Citylight leaders in central Africa are requesting prayer from Christian brothers and Sisters worldwide.

Pastor Charles Mpagi, Director of CityLight Uganda, issued the call for prayer last week when the death toll from the bombings reached 70.

"We need your prayers. Please share our plea with the CityLight prayer groups because we need your prayers since the terrorists are not satisfied but still planning to attack with more suicide bombs. It is only Jesus who can grant us victory over the pain and suffering, Mpagi said.

CityLight International Director, Redfern II, said "Our hearts are heavy for all those who are touched by this situation. We are in prayer because we know that the peace of God is not obtained through violence." When our brothers and sisters in Uganda suffer we all suffer."

"We are praying and we ask all the world to join us in seeking divine intervention to end violent disturbances worldwide. "