Friday, July 9, 2010

A true pastor prays

Thoughts from Wilhelm Loehe:

He who does not pray for the flock is not a true shepherd; intercession is at once an obligation of our office and of love. Yea, prayer is an invincible and inescapable passion of the true pastor's heart. A true shepherd prays even when he receives no answer. Nor does he pray only for his own visible activity. When Boos was pastor on the Rhine in the year 1820 he had a visit from a friend. He took him about the neighborhood countryside and said: "Look around here, there is hardly a spot on this mountain where I have not many a time lain on my face and wept and prayed that the Lord would give me the grace to open my mouth with boldness and preach his Word with success to the reviving of hearts, but I receive no answer." He could do nothing but pray. And he was heard, more than he knew. And what his biographer says is certainly true: "There is no doubt that here in Sayn on the Rhine, the Lord did more through him--at least in him--than anywhere else, but he would not let him know it. It was to happen quietly." Let us mark that, to our shame! May the Lord, however, mend his servants and teach them in penitence to seek cleansing of their sins! May his Holy Spirit teach them to pray!