Sunday, June 20, 2010

The "Religion of Peace" strikes again, Part MCMXXLVXVXI

Jihad Watch has translated an interview from an Arab language newspaper with yet another young Christian girl, this one from Egypt, kidnapped by Muslims intent on forcing her to convert to Islam.
Q: Who kidnapped you? And who planned this conspiracy against you?

A: The person who kidnapped me is someone called Sayyid Khalif Ahmed 'Abd al-Rahman. The person who planned this conspiracy, I know him well: he is the village elder, Khalif 'Abd al-Majid. He comes from a large family, connected to [the tribe of] al-Dirabsa. He gave Sayyid money to kidnap me and incited many people against me.

Q: What is your evidence that the village elder plotted this conspiracy against you? And what was the purpose behind your kidnapping?

A: The purpose of kidnapping me was to force me to enter into Islam.

Q: How?

A: When I went to the police department in the morning [to report the kidnapping], the Hajj [Muslim honorific], Khalif, the village elder, came to me and said: "We think you are too good for the Christian religion." He said to me: "Become Muslim and I will marry you, and sign over to you all my money and property, and provide you with an excellent life -- just say before witnesses, 'I want to become Muslim.'" But I refused.

Q: Did they arrest the youth who kidnapped you?

A: Yes, they arrested him, but he was released.

Q: Why?

A: Because, when I was at the police department, I was unable to focus, due to my being drugged, and they said to me, "Say at the hearing, 'Nobody kidnapped me,'" and I said so. And because of this, he was released and not imprisoned. They wanted me to enter into Islam in any way.

Q: Were you threatened after you returned to your home?

A: They are currently furious and enraged because I returned to my family, refusing to become a Muslim. They threaten us and have blockaded our way in the village. None of us ventures outside. My father does not go to his work because he fears stepping outside. The village elder entered our homes and beat us all, cursing us; he beat my father with his slipper [i.e., ultimate humiliation]. He had with him ten cars full of people from his extended family of al-Dirabsa, who came to the house with a drum in order to carry me in the streets in a wedding procession, saying: "Look at the Christian who became a Muslim!" They said to my parents, "We're going to take your daughter no matter what, and afterwards you will never find her!" So, in fear, we abandoned our homes, and went to stay with my grandfather in the village of 'Amira near our village. There, the state security came to my parents and said to them: "Your daughter has become Muslim." Until now, we are not permitted to go out, and we are persecuted...and the village elder wants us to abandon our home. And he has sworn "by the right" [i.e., sworn to Allah], that if we do not quit the village, my family will never see me again. He said: "I will not rest, nor will I know peace, until I see her uncles shorn of their mustaches [i.e., demeaned and emasculated]. Thus they forced us to leave the village. But we will never forget it, and we will try to return to it in any possible way.
Just keep saying to yourself, "Islam is a religion of peace. Islam is a religion of peace. Islam is a religion of peace."