Sunday, June 27, 2010

Prayers for Northern Plains Anglican blogger

Via Lent and Beyond:
Fellow blogger and intercessor Tim Fountain is going through a rough patch. I share his spiritual frustrations of being present to a polarized church. It has brought out both the worst and the best in me.

Francis of Assissi was commissioned by the pope to preach repentance in the countryside. Yet, he is remembered for his love.

How did he do it? We strive to speak truth, point out inconsistencies in reasoning, and call the church closer to God; as a result, we are labeled hateful. Years of enduring this stream of withering criticism takes its toll and affirmations are few.
Perhaps this is our great gift to the church. To God alone we turn for strength.

O Lord, may we sow praise and reap Your presence. Teach us Your character, for only in You can we stand.

We proclaim that You are a safe refuge for the Fountain family. You are a strong tower from the enemy. Your faithful promises, Your truth, is their shield and protection. May the Fountain family live forever in Your sanctuary, safe under the cover of Your wings. Amen.
Psalm 61:3-4, 91:4